Welcome To BLIS Middle School


Our middle school science curriculum focuses on considering ideas, evaluating evidence, planning investigative work, and recording and analysing data. 


The Middle School math program at BLIS  is a dynamic and comprehensive curriculum that seamlessly integrates the Turkish Ministry of Education program, 


Our program develops the skills involved in reading, writing, speaking, and listening in a variety of contexts.


Ortaokul Türkçe dersi, okulumuzun temel eğitim programı olan MYP ve MEB  ulusal müfredatımızın harmanlanmasıyla oluşturulmuştur


Social studies can also be referred to as social sciences. It’s a field which deals with human behavior, relationships, resources, and institutions.

MS Language Acquisition

BLIS Middle School provides second language courses recognized by the MYP, including French, German and Spanish.

About MS

The middle school program at BLIS is designed to nurture students’ intellectual, physical, psychological, aesthetic, and social needs during their transition from childhood to adolescence. During this time, students experience rapid growth and a dramatic shift in cognitive abilities as they move from concrete to abstract levels of thinking. We promote academic excellence, personal organization, and independence as students move through this pivotal time.

Our faculty understands and is committed to the interests and needs of the middle years learner. We strive to make all students successful, honouring their talents, challenging them to meet their potential, and encouraging lifelong learning. At BLIS, we believe that the middle school years are productive and exciting years, as we work together in meeting the challenges of physical change and the uncertainties of identity formation associated with the age group. We channel the energy, enthusiasm and natural curiosity of emerging adolescents with guidance and structure to make a successful transition to high school.

We deliver the world class Cambridge Secondary 1 Curriculum in order for our students to become creative, critical and reflective thinkers which prepares them well for our high school Cambridge IGCSE program.  We are authorized to deliver the MYP Programme, and as such we follow the IB framework and promote the IB Learner Profile

At home and abroad, our students have participated in Co-curricular activities and sports such as: Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Billiards, Community Service, Young Writers Club, Robotics, Model United Nations, Destination Imagination, International Schools Theatre Association  (ISTA), and the Association for Music in International Schools (AMIS).

school hours

M-F: 8:00am – 4:00pm


Üniversiteler Mah. Doğu Kampüs, Bilkent
Ankara 06800



+90 (312) 290 53 61

Academic Support

BLIS is committed to supporting the success of all our students by providing a wide range of academic support services. Elementary students may benefit from the support of our Learning Support Specialist teacher, English as an Additional Language (EAL) and Turkish as an Additional Language (TAL) support programs. Middle school students also have access to necessary learning and EAL services.  Due to the nature of the high school IGCSE and IB programs, we are unable to provide individual learning support. However many of our courses have support sessions offered during activity periods.

Public Library

The benefits of these connections with other libraries include: providing access to more sources of print and digital materials to support reading and inquiry learning. offering support for whole families to improve reading and literacy skills, and confidence.

Field Trip

Going on a field trip enhances their critical thinking skills and gives students a chance to think about a topic or theme from a different perspective. Several children don’t get to experience the typical field trip locations with their families. A school trip gives students the chance to experience new venues.

BLIS 2024-2025 Grade 5-6-7-8 Supply List

  • MS Grade 5 Student Book and Supplies for Purchase
  • MS Grade 6 Student Book and Supplies for Purchase
  • MS Grade 7 Student Book and Supplies for Purchase
  • MS Grade 8 Student Book and Supplies for Purchase

Virtual Learning

Advantages of virtual learning

Virtual learning refers to an environment where students study a digital-based curriculum taught by instructors that lecture online via video or audio. This instruction can take place either in a self-paced (asynchronous) environment or in a real-time (synchronous) environment.