The English program for middle school students at BLIS has been designed to introduce, develop, and hone each student’s ability to communicate effectively in reading, writing, speaking, and listening using Cambridge standards and the MYP framework for Language & Literature. The framework focuses on four main criteria: Analyzing, Organizing, Producing Text, and Use of Language.  Students are exposed to the English language as an instrument to develop critical thinking, creativity, self-expression, analysis, and reflection.   Thematic units and inquiry provide them with opportunities to investigate these units independently and collaboratively to take action and reflect on their learning.  To help students attain these high standards in middle school, students interact with various texts to develop insight in several areas, such as moral, social, cultural, and historical domains, to name a few. As they progress through the program, students continue to develop their ability to form opinions, make decisions, and reason ethically.  The goal is to create students that become lifelong learners.

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