Middle School Science Programme

Our middle school science curriculum focuses on considering ideas, evaluating evidence, planning investigative work, and recording and analysing data. We have a focus on knowledge and understanding, with an aim in developing confidence and interest in scientific knowledge in physics, chemistry and biology disciplines. The Cambridge Secondary 1 Science curriculum framework continues the journey from the Cambridge Primary Science framework and provides a solid foundation upon which the later stages of education can be built. We use the MYP framework to support contextual understanding. The MYP assessment criteria guide learning experiences and create end of unit assessment tasks. Students in middle school science are assessed over criteria A, Knowing and understanding via exams and quizzes. Criteria B, Inquiring and designing, and criteria C, Processing and evaluation, through investigation work and finally criteria D, Reflecting on the impacts of science, in authentic research tasks. These four assessment criteria mean that students’ middle school science experience is varied and based in global contexts and skills.