After School Activities



The game, which is generally known as billiard, is a great school event option that offers many benefits for students.


Okul satranç faaliyetleri, entelektüel uyarımı stratejik düşünme ve sosyal etkileşim ile birleştirerek öğrenciler için zengin bir fayda sunar.


School football activities provide numerous benefits for students, fostering physical fitness, teamwork, and social interaction in an engaging and competitive environment.


School basketball activities offer a wide array of benefits for students, promoting physical fitness, teamwork, and social interaction in an enjoyable and competitive setting.


School volleyball activities offer a multitude of benefits for students, promoting physical health, teamwork, and social interaction in an engaging and competitive environment.

Child Yoga and Mindfulness

Implementing yoga and mindfulness activities in schools can significantly benefit children’s physical and mental well-being, enhancing their overall development and academic performance.

Math Club

A school math club provides an excellent opportunity for students to engage with mathematics in a fun and enriching way outside of the regular classroom setting

Art Therapy

Implementing art therapy activities in schools can provide students with a creative outlet to express themselves, explore emotions, and develop coping strategies.

Art & Craft

Implementing art and craft activities in schools can foster creativity, imagination, and fine motor skills in students.

Creative Drama

Introducing creative drama activities in schools can ignite students’ imaginations, enhance communication skills, and foster creativity


Implementing improv activities in schools can be a fun and effective way to enhance students’ creativity, communication skills, and confidence.

Dance & Gymnastic

Incorporating dance and gymnastic activities into schools can promote physical fitness, creativity, and teamwork among students.

BLIS Chef Club

Implementing a Chef Club activity in schools can be a fantastic way to introduce students to the culinary arts, promote healthy eating habits, and develop valuable life skills

Storytelling Book Club

Introducing a Storytelling Book Club activity in schools can be a wonderful way to foster a love for reading, encourage creativity, and develop critical thinking skills among students

Ceramic works

Incorporating ceramic works activities into schools can provide students with a hands-on creative outlet to explore their artistic talents and express themselves through three-dimensional art

After School Activities Registration Procedures

The After School Activities Program is an enrichment based experience for the children, staff and community teachers of our school.

It is an opportunity for children and staff to interact with one another in a non-academic environment, strengthening relations and offering exposure to new, exciting ideas and experiences. 

To maximize the chance of being allocated an activity and avoiding disappointment, it is strongly recommended to provide extra options (in order of preference) on the registration form. This way if the first choice activity is full at the time of allocation, other options can be considered while there is still availability.

How To Apply

  • The applications will be received by K12Net. After School Activity Coordinator will send an email to the parents about the application process, description of the activities , the teachers  and other details like how to login ,  apply etc.
  • Application must be done within the deadline, as a very large number of applications are received for a limited amount of spaces there is no guarantee that the activity can be offered or the children will be granted a place in. Additionally it is not possible to ensure placement of siblings in activities on the same day.


  • For the 2023-2024 Academic year the fee for the After School Activities  is 5000 TL per one activity( 1 hour fee)
  • Do not make any payments before you receive a confirmation email from the After School Activity Coordinator. 
  • When the classes are finalized, the payment details will be emailed to the parents.

Drop Off 

  • Parents will not pick up the students after school.
  • Teachers will drop the students to BLIS cafeteria to eat their snacks and then the after school activity teachers pick up the students and bring them to the classes at 16:05.

Pick Up 

    • When activities are finished all students will be brought to the designated places to meet parents/carers for pickup.(Pick up points  will be  informed to  the parents at the beginning of the sessions)
    • Children must be picked up promptly (17:05 ) at the end of the activity.
  • Bus students please remember there is no school transport following after-school activities.

Additional Information about the program

Session Dates

  • 1st Session October 2nd- December 16th
  • 2nd Session January 9- March 1
  • 3rd Session March 18- May 31
  • June 3-7 make up classes

Important Notes

  • Healthy snack will be provided to the students so do not bring anything to eat during the activity.
  • Please read the activity descriptions carefully, making note of day, time and year group for each class.
  • School rules of behavior for the school day apply during all after school activities,
  • If a student fails to meet these expectations, they may be asked to temporarily or permanently  refrain from activities to dedicate time to supervised study after school.


  • The After School Activity Teachers are responsible for contacting parents about cancellation, pick up points, any other important notes.
  • Please directly contact your teacher if you have any questions about the activity
  • If you have any questions please feel free to contact Ms İlknur Pehlivan After School Activities Coordinator via or 03122908256