The Middle School math program at BLIS  is a dynamic and comprehensive curriculum that seamlessly integrates the Turkish Ministry of Education program, the Middle Years Programme (MYP), and the Cambridge curriculum. This unique combination offers students a well-rounded and internationally recognized mathematical education. By incorporating the Turkish Ministry of Education’s guidelines, students gain a solid foundation in national standards, ensuring alignment with local educational requirements. Simultaneously, the MYP framework fosters critical thinking, inquiry-based learning, and the development of mathematical skills in real-world contexts. The inclusion of the Cambridge curriculum further enhances the program, providing students with an international perspective and rigorous academic challenges. By combining these three educational frameworks, our middle school math program aims to cultivate a deep appreciation for mathematics, preparing students for future academic challenges and real-world applications. We also encourage our learners to participate in International and National math competitions which are organized by outstanding organizations.  These competitions not only cultivates a passion for mathematics but also fosters a spirit of healthy competition, enabling them to showcase their problem-solving skills and gain valuable insights into the diverse applications of mathematical principles.


   In middle school math, students typically delve into a broad range of mathematical concepts that lay the foundation for more advanced studies. These include mastering arithmetic operations, fractions, decimals, and percentages, building a solid numerical proficiency. Algebraic concepts become increasingly important, introducing students to variables, expressions, equations and inequalities. Geometry plays a significant role, covering topics such as angles, polygons, measurement, 2D and 3D shapes, and basic spatial relationships. Middle school math also emphasizes data analysis and probability, where students learn to interpret charts, graphs, and tables, making informed decisions based on statistical information. Problem-solving skills are honed through various real-world applications, encouraging critical thinking and logical reasoning and these skills are integrated in all the math topics where necessary. Overall, middle school math serves as a crucial stage in developing mathematical fluency and preparing students for the more advanced mathematical challenges they will encounter in high school (IGCSE and IB exams) and beyond (College requirements).

Burcu Karahasan

Math Teacher

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Math Teacher

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Math Teacher

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Math Teacher

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Math Teacher

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Math Teacher

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