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Our early years’ programmes are full day programs based on the philosophy that young children benefit from developing skills of personal independence.

The international backgrounds and experiences of the BLIS community create a learning environment rich in diversity.

The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program offers an international education through a learner-centered, inquiry-based, team-teaching approach.

At BLIS, we utilize a wide range of resources. As our students begin to develop the skills of lifelong learning and international-mindedness, they apply their learning to the real world.

We promote academic, aesthetic, physical and social growth. By recognizing the individual abilities, interests and talents of each child, our young learners are encouraged to question ideas and search for knowledge. We foster critical thinking and creativity.

Location: Bilkent Laboratory & International School
East Campus, Bilkent
Ankara 06800

Telephone: (312) 290-5361/2

Email: school@blisankara.org

School Hours: M-F: 8am – 4pm

Grades 1-4

Grades 1-4 continues the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program (PYP) and demonstrates a learner-centered, inquiry-based, team-teaching approach.

Each year, students engage in challenging units of inquiry that explore the transdisciplinary themes of Who We Are, Where We Are in Place and Time, How We Express Ourselves, How the World Works, How We Organize Ourselves, and Sharing the Planet.

The program focuses on developing strong academic English language skills. Each homeroom class has a full-time international teacher and a full-time Turkish teacher.

Our rigorous academic program includes study in languages, mathematics, units of inquiry (science, social studies) and the arts. Specialist teachers strengthen the curriculum with instruction in physical education, visual arts, music, drama, dance, library and information communication technology (ICT).

At the end of fourth grade, students present a culminating exhibition demonstrating successful completion of their IB PYP years.


In the Elementary Division, science content is arranged in four strands: living things, earth and space, materials and matter, forces and energy.


At BLIS, our Math curriculum combines curricular objectives from the Turkish MEB and Cambridge Primary Mathematics curriculum


We begin a foundation of English comprehension and oral proficiency with our youngest students in pre-kindergarten, and continue with developing their reading and writing skills through units of inquiry in our PYP program.


1-4. sınıfları kapsayan İlkokul Türkçe programında ana hedef, dört temel dil becerisinin ( okuma, yazma, dinleme, anlama) oluşturulması ve ana dil bilinciyle ve  PYP programının yöntemleriyle ilişkilendirerek, okuyan, düşünen, yorumlayan, sorgulayan, çözüm üretebilen ve bunu yazılı ve sözlü olarak başarıyla ifade edebilen bireyler yetiştirmek doğrultusunda ilk adımlar atılmaktadır

Social Studies

In the Elementary Division, social studies content is arranged in five strands: human systems and economic activities, social organization and culture, continuity and change through time, human and natural environments and resources and the environment.


Fine Arts are integrated into the curriculum and explored in complement with the ideas and investigations from the PYP units of inquiry across all grades in elementary.


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     Within the elementary school, we offer a balanced programme of academic studies and extracurricular activities which aim at helping all students of all nationalities develop self-awareness and enthusiasm for lifelong learning. We administer the Turkish Ministry National Curriculum alongside the Primary Years Programme (PYP) framework, which has at its heart a commitment to structured inquiry as a vehicle to learning

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Technology In the Classroom
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Location: Bilkent Laboratory & International School
East Campus, Bilkent
Ankara 06800

Telephone: (312) 290-5361/2

Email: school@blisankara.org

School Hours: M-F: 8am – 4pm

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